Romanesque Green Cauliflower

So the last of the three adventures I need to do each month (activity, volunteer, and food) has been accomplished.  Actually, it was accomplished earlier, but I really didn’t want to start off my 2015 blog with something that turned out pretty boring.  I bought and ate Romanesque Green Cauliflower (RCG), which though quite beautiful, very green, and much more fractal than regular cauliflower – tastes just like cauliflower.  I tried RGC raw – eh.  Then I went into one of the only ways to make cauliflower taste good – broiling it.  I chopped RGC into its individual fractal cones, mixed them with sweet potato and a little onion, broiled in with olive oil, then drizzled it with an apple cider vinegar/honey/blue cheese dressing.  Lovely.

And really, this vegetable is absolutely gorgeous.  There is a much better picture here (I still need a better camera):

So visually an adventure, but unlike some of my other food adventures in 2014, not a stretch at all in taste.  Let’s see what I come up with next month. RGC, RGC, RGC, RGC,…. A

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