Air Force Memorial

Today I was supposed to take a laser-cutting class as my new activity for the month.  But I arrived late, they had started, and I could not join.  It has been rescheduled.  But what does one do when it is the last day of the month and you have to get your new activity/adventure in before the clock strikes midnight?

The nearby Air Force Memorial, which I had never been to.

Technically, it may not count as my adventure by the rules I had set, as I am supposed to do new types of activities.  I have been to many memorials before.  After all, I live in Washington DC, the cut white marble and granite capital of the U.S.  But technically, this memorial is across the river in Virginia – ha!  A loophole.

Still – I promise to do two new types of activities next month.

There is not much to describe about the memorial.  The pictures mostly say it all.  But I did want to point out the view.  And that what one thinks is snow-covered ground – are actually the fields of tombstones in the Arlington National Cemetery.  It is a shock when one realizes that.



An older section of the cemetery.

The metal spires of the memorial are extremely beautiful as you can tell.  I am not a fan of the bronze cast soldiers, and I thought the quotes chosen to be emblazoned in the granite could have been better.   But all in all it is a thought-provoking monument.


Unfortunately, it seems the creators expect more thoughts, potentially due to more wars, will be written down in the future as well, in these three blank granite plaques.


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