XC Skiing

Me on skis.  For the first time ever.

Friends and I again traveled to West Virginia to stay with friends at their cabin, this time to snowshoe and cross-country ski.  This is only the second time in my life I’ve been in the country, in winter, where there is snow deep enough to do this, the first time being snowshoeing in Quebec.  Friends suggested that having loved that, that I might like cross-country skiing.  So I was game, and did both this weekend (sortof – I lacked snowshoes, but traipsed behind friends who did, so they packed the snow down for me.)  But, though both very fun, the sports are very different.

Snowshoeing:  more work, less distance, fewer falls, more of a chance to appreciate the scenery.

XC Skiing:  different muscles, smoother, more distance, greater likelihood of falls (in my case 100%), and unless you are really experienced, less chance to enjoy the outdoors.  But I loved it, and look forward to going again.

There is not much more to add to that, other than I am going to be extremely sore tomorrow.

Thanks K, J, W, and A for hosting us this weekend, and F & R for driving!


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