Dog Adoption Drive

This month, my new volunteer activity was to serve as a dog handler for an adoption drive, organized by Mutt Love Rescue of DC,, which yes, rescues dogs that tend to be mutts.  From the street, from shelters, and from families that no longer want them.  They are a no-kill organization, and foster out pets while trying to find homes.

This is the first time I’ve ever done an event like this – I’ve always been worried that I would fall in love with a dog/puppy, when I travel too much and don’t have a big enough yard to take care of them properly.  (And I am such a cat person too).  But this was a nice, heart-warming thing to be a part of, as the people behind this rescue really were taking care of these dogs, and people did come out to adopt.

So I think there were about 25-30 dogs at the event – each dog with its own handler.  A number of Americorp kids (in the grey T-shirts came out to assist.).

0912151224At least four dogs were adopted that I saw during the three hours that I was there, but I think probably a good deal more had interest expressed.  At least 30 couples and families (very few individuals) came to look.

0912151250bThe dog assigned for me to hold was Daisy, who was a sweetheart, but she was a much older dog than most, being around 13 years old.  She had been given up by a family who could no longer take care of her.


Coincidentally – or not – she also had mammary cancer and needed an operation.  A lot of people were drawn to this little Beagle/Spaniel (and potential Blue Heeler??) mix, but once they found out her age, or the fact that she needed an operation, they went to look at other dogs.


Looking for her foster mother, who was helping run the event.

Except for one older couple, who seriously thought about adopting her.  When I finally left, Daisy was going to have more tests so that the couple would know the extent of her cancer, and whether it was operable or not.  If so, they were thinking of adopting her.  There are some good, kind people in the world.

(She is no longer listed as available on their website, so my fingers are crossed that it worked out for the best.)

I myself fell in love with a dog name Pilot, a two-year old large pointer – too big for my place. But man, if I wasn’t traveling and if my parents on their farm didn’t already have two very old dogs, I would so take this dog, move to the farm, and let him run around to his heart’s content.  Though he’d probably chase (and kill) all the chickens.

Other dogs I got to know include Bubby (pictured at top), Ella, Donovan, Bentley, Bodie, Myrtle (adopted), Melody, and Rollo.  You can check some of them out on their website:  Click on the picture, and you will get to know a bit more, and see some great pictures.

A very warming, emotional experience. Thank you to the folks who adopted pets that day.


P.S.  Remember to spay and neuter your pets – as too many get abandoned!

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