I forgot that I had only written this – not published it.  Oh well.  I still remembered within the month of September…

So – with my adding some extra time to a trip to Atlanta for work, I was able to explore a city with some very important history.  There’s more I wish I could have seen, but I did see two things:  the Martin Luther King Jr. birthplace/center/gravesite, and the World of Coke.  Okay the latter was because our conference banquet was there, but I did go to through the exhibits, and I loved the retro kitsch.

But first, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK).  An incredible man, born on a house on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, which was a street filled with black intellectuals that helped not only guide MLK’s growth, but who were rights activists and innovators in their own right. I’ve always admired MLK, was absolutely amazed by his Letters from Birmingham Jail, and agree strongly about his methods regarding peaceful protests.  So of course, this was my first choice of places within Atlanta to see.

And then, the World of Coke:



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