Schwooxie squash

Schwooxie squash is how you pronounce what is known as schwoughksie squash in New York.  I found that out (via the omni-knowledge source known as Wikipedia, where I also got the public domain photo).

How can one not fixate on a squash pronounced schwooxie?  Even with the main, common name of this squash being pattypan squash?  It will now always be known to me as schwooxie squash, and maybe even makes me forgive the bland, boring taste of it that I experienced while camping. Friends had brought it when we for the weekend to First Landing State Park, Virginia – a very nice place to stay and watch dolphins, and they said “it has the best flavor of all the squashes.”  This made me hopeful, as I am usually not a fan of squash unless it has butter, cinnamon, curry or other spices.  I was bitterly (pun intended) disappointed in the grilled pattypan squash.  But it’s alter ego, schwooxie squash, now that may have some hope – if I was to add swoosh to it via some spices?   I will find out some day.  It is a very cool-looking squash.

P.S. Grilled plantains, with a thyme, chili pepper, lime, and mayonnaise sauce to dip in – now that is great campfire grill food.

Dolphin not only spotted, but actually captured on camera.

Dolphin not only spotted, but actually captured on camera.

war of the cargo ships.

War of the cargo ships.

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