Wrap Art

Well, my volunteer activity for November definitely, absolutely changed the world. In an attempt to get a new type volunteering done within the month (each month it has to be a different type), I volunteered to wrap presents at the community of art studios at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia. My boyfriend Andy also volunteered to help me man the wrapping booth for two hours.

The Torpedo Factory, by the way, is the nation’s largest center of artists-in-residence in the nation, with 82 workspace studios. The artists are chosen by jury. Their work is incredible. And yes, the center is in an old torpedo factory, but it is a very sharp-looking space, with lots of light.

We were there on Small Business Saturday, and hundreds of people were shopping. I myself bought three presents. Unfortunately, neither those three, nor any other folks’ presents needed wrapping in the two hours we were there. But we did serve also as an information booth for those necessary needs (where is the restroom? can we have a tote bag?)

Finally, our shift was over, and as we were leaving to tour some of the studios, somebody walks up – and yes, a present is wrapped!

But how, may you ask, did our volunteer activity changed the world? It has inspired both my boyfriend and myself to seriously get back into art. He is looking into encaustic painting, and I into collage/salvage art. The future world will benefit.

In the meantime – go see how other artists help change the world, at the Torpedo Factory.


Jason, another volunteer at the wrapping station.

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