A new blog

So, I decided to take a break in 2016 on my adventure blog, because it was quite “me” oriented, despite my efforts to volunteer.   Plus I was exploring a new relationship.  I will post a couple new adventures I had, but first, we have to deal with a major earth-shaking, and earth-endangering event.

Trump has come, and unfortunately, he does not believe in climate change – in fact, the opposite.  He wishes to dismantle so many environmental initiatives, that the Earth is in serious danger.  Friends were asking me what could we do to counter the actions of this one man.  As I kept posting a lot in Facebook about climate change, I had become their source for info.  And by the end of lunch, they asked me to do a new blog, on actions that could be taken.

So here is the first take.


Please follow this new blog.  I plan to get an article out every two weeks.  Thanks!


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