Face-painting kids on Halloween is a Treat

Thank goodness for my friend Michelle asking for volunteers to help with face-painting at our Halloween block party!  I was so crazed with work I hadn’t even thought of my volunteer activity for the month of October.  And here it is – squeezed into October on the 31st no less.

But it involved kids, and painting, and lots of cute smiles (and a few tears from some shy kids).   The one above was my first ever face-painting, and he seemed to the point of tears the entire time!  Then he was happy.

Having never have done this before, I would not say I excelled. I definitely needed to learn the proper paints, paint-waxes, and tools.  (My boyfriend did better, being an artist.)  But I was getting the hang of it!  What is more important, though, since the kids couldn’t even see what was painted on them, was just making the kids seem special.  They loved it.  I want to do this again next year.  Though the line of kids for us four face-painters was long and we were worn out!

fyi – there were a lot of Elsa’s and mermaids, hearts and butterflies, when really I excelled at zombies and bats…  But we got those in too.   Fyi – those were across both sexes.

Two more photos that I remembered to take..


Halloween bunny.

. DSC05340

Note – all these photos are copyrighted, and no kid has signed a model release for their photos to be used for any commercial purposes (which this blog is not).  Please don’t copy these photos.  Even the adorable lion one.

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