Volunteer to save lives from HIV

This week, I and a number of other volunteers assisted the organization Metro Teen AIDS by assembling safe sex kits.

The group provides condoms and information about safe sex to teenagers who can’t afford condoms, or who don’t think they should be used.  But more than that, the kit contains a brochure about where teens can obtain free testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), especially HIV.

Just think about the potential for a community of young teens who have not received or understood the information about the need for safe sex, or about STDs, and what a difference in someone’s life just one condom could make.   And what a difference testing could make — not only knowing about the potential need for testing before sex to help prevent the transmittal of diseases, but the health issues that could be prevented by testing after sex.

So seven of us sat on couches, assembled safe sex kits, and talked about Star Wars and television shows, crocheting (the manager of the program is a big crocheter; he was making a cowl at the time), and sensory deprivation tanks (see one of my first adventures this year), and more.  It was a great, diverse group of people (though a few more my age would have been welcome).  One hour of my time, and I helped assemble probably 100 packets.  Every Tuesday night assembling goes on (check out One Brick DC for alternate Tuesdays’ sign ups.)

Some organizations and people out there really do a lot of good – and make an impact.

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