Dragon fruit

My final new food of 2015 was the dragon fruit, or Pitaya, which includes the fruit of  several species of night-blooming cacti in the genus Hylocereus, and which is quite delicious.  Just slice in half, scoop out the flesh, slice, and eat, and then scrub your hands trying to get the magenta stain off of your fingers.  The taste is very mild, somewhat sweet, and otherwise difficult to describe.  However, it is very true that the texture is like a kiwi (but it is not as tart.)   I enjoyed it very much.

My other food adventure, which was unplanned, was to catch chocolate on fire.  Apparently one can do that when melting chocolate chips in the microwave.  We are talking a kitchen full of smoke, and this….


Chocolate charcoal, uncovered once the chocolate cooled down, and I dug out around it.


One last adventure for 2015 needed – some sort of activity.  Catching chocolate on fire doesn’t really count, as it has to be a planned activity.  I am not sure yet what that will be!

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